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Virtual office service is the most suitable service for entrepreneurs who just start their business and overseas companies which have operations in Hong Kong.  With virtual office service, they do not need to lease an office or apply for telephone lines/fax lines in order to have a business address to receive mails and fixed-line phone numbers/fax numbers for business operations.  AccGirl’s professional secretary will answer their calls in their companies name and/or transfer the calls to designated phone numbers.

In addition, AccGirl's also provides its unique BizeLine service (i.e. Hong Kong VoIP service) to the clients.  BizeLine enables its users to answer unlimited calls from anywhere of the world (including China and overseas) with the Hong Kong telephone number AccGirl provided to them and make unlimited number of calls to any Hong Kong phone numbers from anywhere of the world (including China and overseas) without incurring long distance call charges.  The service makes their office to become a true "mobile office" and wherever they are, they will feel like in a Hong Kong office.
Benefits of using virtual office service include:
Having a commercial address in one of the well-known Hong Kong business district as the business and registration address at low cost
Unlimited mails and parcels handling and immediate inform by emails/phone calls
Private telephone number
Professional secretaries answer your company calls on behalf of your company, then forward them to your designated numbers right way or leave the messages to you through emails
Private fax number
Fax to email and voice message to email service
Latest Offers

Great news!

AccGirl is now offering the following Best Deal Offer which you cannot miss:

BizeLine Promotion Price at HK$150/month (Including a private Hong Kong phone number)
Only HK$5,149 for Hong Kong company incorporation (already include the government fee, composing of HK$1,720 one-off company registration fee and HK$2,200 first year business registration fee)
Multi-funtional Working desk monthly rental fee is only HK$1,688/month, with the additional First Month Trial option at HK$488
Service Office 50% off (as low as HK$6,000/month)
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