Cost & Management Accounting Terminology English-Chinese Table

English   TermsChinese Term
absorption cost全部成本
accumulation process of production cost生產成本彙總程式
actual cost and estimated cost實際成本與估計成本
adjusted net present value調整後的凈現值
agriculture production cost農業生產成本
allowable cost成本開支範圍
auxiliary production cost allocation輔助生產成本分配
average cost and individual cost平均成本與個別成本
avoidable cost and unavoidable cost可避免成本與不可避免成本
budgeted costs預算成本
by-product costing副產品成本計算
category costing method成本計算品種法
comparative analysis approach對比分析法
composite expenses allocation綜合費用分配
controllable cost可控成本
cost accounting成本會計
cost accounting procedures成本核算程式
cost accumulation成本歸集
cost adjustment成本調整
cost   allocation成本分配
cost analysis成本分析
cost assess成本考核
cost classification成本分類
cost control成本控制
cost control method成本控制方法
cost curve成本曲線
cost entry, cost recorder cost agenda成本記錄
cost examine target成本考核指標
cost flow成本流程
cost items of product產品成本項目
cost ledger成本分類賬
cost   management成本管理
cost of book   value賬面成本
cost of   decision making決策成本
cost of goods   sold銷售成本
cost of merchandise sold商品銷售成本
cost of reproduction再生產成本
cost period成本計算期
cost plan成本計劃
cost structure成本結構
cost transfer成本轉賬
cost variance成本差異
costing   account成本核算成本
costing method成本計算方法
costing objective成本計算對象
costing report成本報告
costing unit成本計算單位
deferrable cost and un-deferrable cost可遞延成本與不可遞延成本
direct cost and indirect cost直接成本與間接成本
direct labor variance直接人工成本差異
direct labor   variance直接人工成本差異
direct   material variance直接材料成本差異
dividend remittances股利轉移
elements of production expenses生產費用要素
equivalent units method約當產量比例法
expired cost   and unexpired cost已耗成本與未耗成本
factor analysis approach因素分析法
factory cost工廠成本
fees and royalties特許權使用管理費
financial cost and management cost財務成本與管理成本
finished product cost產成品成本
fixed cost固定成本
foreign project appraisal國際投資決策會計
foreign project appraisal國際投資決策會計
fuel expenses allocation燃料費用分配
general product cost analysis可比產品成本分析
graded product costing等級產品成本計算
group costing method成本計算分類法
historical cost and future cost歷史成本與未來成本
holding cost or carrying cost存置成本
idle cost閑置成本
incremental cost增量成本
intercompany   loans公司內部貸款
internal business accounting system廠內經濟核算制
internal cost statement內部成本報表
internal settlement prices廠內結算價格
international   inventory management國際存貨管理
inter-period expenses allocation跨期攤提費用分配
job costing method成本計算分批法
joint products costing聯產品成本計算
Leads and Lags提前支付與延期支付
levels of responsibility cost責任成本層次
loss on work stoppage停工損失
macro economic cost巨集觀經濟成本
maintaining the value of blocked funds凍結資金保值
management norm定額管理
managing economic exposure經濟風險管理
managing transaction exposure交易風險管理
managing translation exposure換算風險管理
manufacturing expenses製造費用
manufacturing expenses allocation製造費用分配
manufacturing expenses variance製造費用差異
material costs allocation材料費用分配
merchandise procurement cost商品採購成本
modern management accounting現代管理會計
multinational performance evaluation跨國經營企業業績評價
multinational working capital management跨國運轉資本會計
norm cost定額成本
norm cost control system定額成本控制制度
original cost and replacement cost原始成本和重置成本
original record原始記錄
planned cost計劃成本
planned management system of cost成本計劃管理體系
political risk政治風險
power expenses allocation動力費用分配
predicted cost預計成本
price variance價格差異
prime costs and processing costs主要成本與加工成本
principle of costing成本核算原則
procedure of   cost control成本控製程序
product cost產品成本
product life cycle cost產品壽命周期成本
production cost生產成本
production loss accounting生產損失核算
quantity variance數量差異
ration analysis approach比率分析法
re-invoicing center再開票中心
relevant cost and irrelevant cost相關成本與非相關成本
repatriating blocked funds凍結資金轉移
reporting cost報告成本
responsibility cost責任成本
salary costs allocation工資費用分配
semi-finished product cost半成品成本
simple costing method成本計算簡單法
society cost社會成本
special methods of modern management accounting現代管理會計專門方法
spoilage and   defective work losses廢品損失
standard cost標準成本
standard cost control system標準成本控制制度
standard of cost control成本控制標準
target cost目標成本
the cost of capital for foreign investment跨國資本成本的計算
the plan of product costs產品成本計劃
theory cost and practice cost理論成本與應用成本
total cost control全面成本控制
trend analysis approach趨勢分析法
uncontrollable cost不可控成本
unit cost and total cost單位成本與總成本
work-in-process cost在產品成本
work-in-process costing在產品計價
workshop cost車間成本
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